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We have a brand new KFC that opened within the last couple months. I've gone twice, and the service was great both times.

Just wait for the Teen Drama Cliques to form and the Bitter Man Hating Single Mother to be promoted to shift manager. Then service will be on par with the rest of the chain.
Maybe that's it. Maybe it takes 6 months to a year before it's truly a KFC. There's probably a corporate memo out there somewhere telling them to provide good service for some minimum of time to hook the consumer, then turn into a shit sandwich.

Oh, and another thing. Almost 10 years ago now, I was moving, on my way to my freshman year of college in a dorm. After a few hours of driving, nearly at my destination, I stopped at a KFC in St. Cloud, MN. I asked for some kind of chicken, I forget the details... the cashier woman asked me if I wanted the 12 AND UNDER KIDS MEAL!!! Granted I have youthful good looks that many would kill for, but don't fucking talk to me like I haven't even gone through puberty! If I'm ever back in St. Cloud that place is burning to the ground.
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