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We have a brand new KFC that opened within the last couple months. I've gone twice, and the service was great both times.
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Keep in mind that these things change depending on which branch you visit. The KFC in my area is very nice. It is Wendy's and Carl's Jr. that can't get anything right. In other areas it's Burger King.
Whatever, the other KFCs I've been to all suck too, so you guys are liars! LIARS! You were paid off by YumCorp!
Spot's Meow wrote: View Post
The one constant, however, is In-N-Out. They just always rock.
Indeed, unfortunately the locations aren't as convenient as they could be for me

ManOnTheWave wrote: View Post
The KFC in my area can't get and order right and they take twenty minutes to put chicken in a box. I don't go there anymore either.
Preach it brotha!
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