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Re: Firefly worth it?

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^ What is your beef with the Federation, anyway? Why do you hate it so much? I thought you were a Trek fan.

Do you think the US government would do the same thing? Are you a JFK conspiracy nut?
Who has a beef with the Federation? They, like the USA, are probably the greatest representation of democracy and freedom in their respective universes. But that doesn't make either of them perfect, and you once again slip into a b/w mentality when you accuse someone of hating something just because they can see its flaws as well as its strengths. Just like being a Trek fan - I love Trek, but doing so doesn't blind me to its flaws, nor make me believe it must be pristine and perfect or it is unacceptable.

And, yes, I too absolutely believe the US government would do such a thing. But on the whole, I wouldn't want any other government. I can disagree with some of their methods and still believe that without the fundamental idea behind that government, the world would be a much darker place.

If everyone were content with government, if no one ever questioned it nor took steps to act, the US government and this country would not exist to provide the freedoms we enjoy. And in a Firefly context, Mal and Zoe, in particular, are the same sort of people as those who fought to bring about the USA - they just happened to be on the losing side, not the wrong one (to paraphrase our Big Damn Hero ). That's why they are "good" - a defeated hero is, nonetheless, a hero.
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