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Re: Firefly worth it?

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And that's why I couldn't enjoy it, because I generally don't believe in shades of grey.
Really? Then how do you relate to real life? That's one big "shade of gray".
Speak for yourself.
Not just for himself, that's what the real world is. You can believe otherwise, but the facts prove you dead wrong, I'm afraid. Believing a thing doesn't make it so, and denying the truth doesn't keep you from being a victim, potential or real.

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How could you possibly have the same reasons for disliking The Matrix, when the "controlling authority" is not a government, is not a representative organization of any type - it is a literal parasite, feeding upon its hosts

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Most people lived their entire lives without ever knowing there was a Matrix. They weren't slaves, most of them never even met an Agent, their lives there were exactly the same as ours are here. So what's the problem? I had a problem with Morpheus and his gang travelling all over the place and forcibly 'waking people up'. If I lived in this universe, I would willingly choose to live in the Matrix rather than the bombed out wasteland they called a real world.
I believe I know some dictators and tyrants who are looking for a few good men like you.

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

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The difference is, the Operative was openly working for the normal Alliance government. Section 31 is nothing like that. It exists only for its *own* benefit, not the Federation. And while the Operative is presumably supported by the entire Alliance, Section 31 isn't accountable to anyone, not even the President. S31 is considered an enemy organization by the Federation at large, which is working to take S31 down for good. S31 is a rogue, terrorist cell, nothing more.
Not true - Section 31 believe they are working for the Federation at their most fundamental core - they are sidestepping the bureaucracy to do what they believe protects the Federation, even if that is protecting the Federation from itself. That doesn't make them heroes, but it's also questionable that they do so without the knowledge of someone in power. The Federation isn't trying to take them down - certain elements in Starfleet are, and they too could probably be considered 'rogues' by The Powers That Be in doing so.
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