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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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for some reason I kept seeing Bruce Greenwood as Sonek Pran in A Singular Destiny
he was superbly cast as Pike so maybe that's why he stuck with me for Sonek . . .
I just cannot picture it. Sonek Pran to me was more of a grandfatherly figure.
Yeah, Sonek Pran is your old hippie grandfather who did a lot of LDS in the 60s.

I tend to imagine Ron Glass as Sonek Pran, actually.

I cast Bruce Greenwood for TrekLit years ago, though: I pictured him playing Federation President Kenneth Wescott after I saw him play former United States President John F. Kennedy in the movie Thirteen Days.

To be fair, that's in part because I see Wescott as a Kennedy analogue...
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