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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

MF-ing Eyebrows--Haha! Funny. Nah, just "Sybrows". It's hilarious that ZQ's first breakout role that broke his typecasting as villains was sans his most definitive feature--his big honking eyebrows! You can tell from interviews that he missed his eyebrows for those 6 months. Apparently he had a unibrow when he was younger. LOL. Poor guy. Luckily, some people find all that hairiness attractive. He's even got heart-shaped chest hair.

HRG means "Horn-Rimmed Glasses". It's what the character was called before the writers ever gave him a name (which turned out to be Noah Bennet). They were going for that whole mysterious persona thing for a while until they gave him a name.

And yep, One Of Us, One Of Them and Angels And Monsters (that last picture is from the latter) are awesome episodes for all that HRG/Sylar interaction. Noah and Angela a.k.a. Mama Petrelli really do a number on Sylar towards the beginning of the season.

And of course, The Second Coming set off his infatuation/obsession with Claire to a whole new level (and it was definitely set up back in Fallout and Distractions where he used it to get under Noah's skin and was being super creepy with it when he was in the Bennet house). If you haven't seen the whole season yet, you'll see more of that (especially the finale). Sylar can't kill Claire and Claire can't kill Sylar. And in Angels And Demons, you see Sylar actually choosing to save Claire while Noah finally has the opportunity to get rid of Sylar, and tries it even though Sylar just saved Claire's life.

The next team-up coming in the season is another one I find quite awesome (Danko). Into Asylum's oldies montages make my heart go pitter-pat (Sylar on the rainy rooftop to Runaway and Sylar/Danko in the car to We Gotta Get Out Of This Place). And that's without mentioning the shape-shifter stalking! That Del Shannon/Runaway scene in particular is just made of pure awesome with the creepy scene in Danko's car and then the cut to "I'm a-walkin' in the rain..." Perfect.

I Am Sylar is hands down the best episode of the season, though (an amazing back-and-forth segment of Sylar shape-shifting between himself and his mother and talking to himself!). I Am Sylar is probably tied with The Hard Part as the two greatest episodes in the series.

And of course, you'll find out that Noah and Elle are greatly responsible for the monster that Sylar became (Gabriel tried to hang himself after his first victim and Noah had Elle save him so they could test him and even fed him his second victim so they could see him kill). That's in Villains. Sylar definitely has it out for Noah (and is also using Claire as a wedge against him as seen in that last scene in Angels And Demons).

And of course, Angela does her fair share of shameless using this season. Well, she ultimately does end up making Sylar into her son after all.

You also get to look forward to the sexiest scene in the series at the beginning of The Eclipse, pt. 2 (Sylar/Elle).

And hey... I'm working on the rest of TOS, don't worry! Nimoy and Kelley rock my socks, too.

Fanviddy goodness: (this video cements the fact that ZQ's Chekov impersonation makes me think of Bartok) (LMAO--this is just... hilarious.) (the chronological killing reel) (aforementioned Syelle sexy scenes)

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