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Re: Firefly worth it?

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Never cared much for Matrix either - for the same reasons.
Now I know you're just being contrary to be contrary. How could you possibly have the same reasons for disliking The Matrix, when the "controlling authority" is not a government, is not a representative organization of any type - it is a literal parasite, feeding upon its hosts, who have every right to rebel and attempt to destroy it? There is abso-f'in-lutely no comparison between the Matrix and the Alliance; the only way one could root for it against the human rebels is if one is simply a sheep looking to be led, without any personal sense of self. Or Cypher ...

That being said, yes, $30 for Firefly is well worth the price; I've spent more than that buying multiple copies and giving them to friends, all of whom have thoroughly enjoyed the series. And I disagree that "all" the characters are smartasses; of them all, I'd only say that Wash comes anywhere close to such, with Mal only occasionally so when he's in a playful mood. There's a good spectrum of personalities, of beliefs and of styles amongst the crew of Serenity - it's not the glib wackiness one saw spread through most of the characters in both Buffy and Angel, by any means. That's what most attracted me to the show: the variety of the characters. It only looks like a Western - sometimes - but it is most definitely not a "Western" any more than it's a space opera - it's just a story of displaced individuals who've come together under one roof, with only superficially-similar goals, who are trying to survive and be free, moving through an oppressive system while trying not to be a part of it. I don't consider the Alliance to be generally good - it is authoritarian and oppressive, despite any benefits it may bring to its constituents, because many of those benefits are only the compromises it must make in order to keep them pacified. Mal and his crew may be lawless, but they're not without honor and compassion, and that's what makes them great characters; not all laws are good - many of them exist only to maintain control where it's not deserved.
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