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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Whoah, let's back up and sip a brew, here, ok? I am not playing revisionist, nor have I at any point "insisted" that my design preference is one everyone else absolutely has to accept. What do you think I am, some kind of Trek-design Stalin? Nay. I, like everyone here, enjoy speculating on this fictitious universe and the rather wonderful designs featured within. I have simply pointed out that on-screen evidence suggests that the layout featured here is unfeasible. I am not screaming for you all to adhere to my opinion, nor am I demanding that CTM removes his layout and starts again with my preference. I have considered my opinion and put it forward using relevant examples, logic and arguments, but it remains simply an opinion - not an insistence that everyone must also hold it. If there is no room for any feedback or opinions on this forum which deviate from "wow, amazing" etc then I have perhaps misjudged the mood, as it were. CTM's response is perfectly acceptable and valid as far as I'm concerned.
I thought I was pretty clear... we're ALL playing revisionist. You have no choice when there is conflicting evidence. We have to choose what parts we retain as "pure," what parts we reject entirely, and what parts we "compromise" on.

My comment is based upon the fact that you made your case, CTM responded to it... and you kept making it, over and over. You made your point, and it was time to let it go. That's all.
CTM wrote: View Post
Gentlemen, do I need to add a War Room to the Enterprise?
I recommend putting the war room at the end of the corridor in front of engineering...

Granted, since that puts it in vacuum, the battles will be very, very quiet.
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