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Re: Do continuity errors/contradictions in TrekLit bother you?

I’ve heard the “alternate universe” theory to fit all this stuff in before (I first heard it in James Dixon’s crazy chronology years ago), but I really don’t buy it myself. I just see different stories in the fictional Trek universe.

Also I’m all for different origin stories: Enterprise: The First Adventure, Academy: Collision Course, Vulcan’s Glory (Spock joins Pike’s Enterprise), Final Frontier, Best Destiny and Star Trek (2009) were all enjoyable IMO.

Ship of the Line didn’t bother me – but unlike every other Trek novel ever it actually made me go back and check the end of the TNG episode (no battle damage! Sadly no George Hill, either) But I just accepted that Diane Carey decided to change things around a bit for the sake of a good story (that ended up a bit hit-and-miss).

I’m not sure this counts (as it was done 100% intentionally) but it didn’t bother me that they totally retconned the finale of Enterprise in The Good That Men Do, it’s just how they did it. I loved (the last two seasons and selected earlier episodes of) Enterprise, but this continuation, and the way they’re doing the Romulan War (so far) just has me going “WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!”
I also disliked the weird selective continuity: They borrow Diane Duane’s Rihannsu language, naming, customs etc, apply them to generic TNG/DS9-style Romulans, while at the same time ignoring the Romulan War chapter in The Romulan Way (It’s wishful thinking, but I’d love the Earth ships Carrizal or Balboa to cameo in Beneath The Raptor’s Wing). Then the ship used for “9/11 in Space” (9/11 in space was already done by the Xindi on TV, btw) is named after S’Task, who definitely wasn’t some crazed terrorist!

Wow. It turns out some of these things do bother me :-P
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