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Re: Do continuity errors/contradictions in TrekLit bother you?

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Yes. If I read a Trek book, and then a later movie or episode contradicts the story I've read (or has contradicted the book before I've read it) the story is ruined for me. That's why I found it hard to take the fiction seriously when the shows were still running. It's just the way my brain works.
Sorry, I just find that strange.
It's always encouraging when someone responds to let you know that you are (or at least they find you) strange; unusual; odd; queer. And there's always that 'sorry' just before, which always comes off as disingenuous to me, no matter how much they may mean it. Especially when it's followed by a series of questions that all boil down to "Why can't you be more like me?", instead of just accepting you as you are. It's kind of like when someone says "No offense, but..." right before they say something really offensive. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this. I'm extremely tired and probably a bit wacky.

Anyways, strange or not, the above quote by me does reflect how I feel. And your apparent need to question the way I'm able or not able to enjoy Trek (the way you did in the rest of your post) is...fascinating. In all fairness, I'm finding it hard to understand you and your inability to accept that different people enjoy fictional worlds in different ways.

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By the same token, shouldn't all of Star Trek be "ruined" for you because it contradicts real life?
Not at all. Star Trek is not reality, and to confuse the two is foolish. But Star Trek has developed a rich fictional world with rules and events of it's own, which should IMO be adhered to. If that 'history' is contradicted, it takes me out of the story and leaves me feeling unsatisfied, and not surprisingly, I don't like feeling unsatisfied. I like continuity between stories. I like the various Trek stories to make sense when taken as a whole. I like actions to have consequences. I like characters to grow, and remain consistant with that growth. I'm not asking anyone else to be like me, but I'd like to think that this is at least somewhat understandable. Imagine a Star Trek series in which every episode completely contradicts every other episode...would you watch it? I wouldn't. I had a hard enough time with Voyager. To me the books are episodes of Trek.

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If contradictions ruin a story for you, then you should've given up on all of Trek by now.
Star Trek has been a constant throughout my life. It's unfolding story has been a joy to behold. To suggest that I should choose to do without all of Trek just because I find some installments unsatisfying or not worth my time seems illogical. There will always be contraditions and lapses in continuity in sprawling franchises like Trek. But there's only so much I can rationalize within a story before it beomes unsatisfying to me. For example, If the characters used in a book don't behave in a way that I can believe the characters from the series would behave I don't enjoy the book, and I don't keep it; things like that.

But there's also a certain amount of personal interpretation at work too. I mean...the DS9 Relaunch is what really got me hooked on Trek fiction, so any story that contradicts that series just doesn't feel real to me - and I don't keep those books, because to me they aren't part of the continuity that I've invested in. DS9 was / is my favorite Trek series, and the Relaunch really captured the feel of the series for me. To me, those books are the show; they're a continuation of the show with just as much validity (for me) as the episodes themselves. I realize that there are many others who don't feel that way (including those that produce the shows / movies), or fans who have their own preferred continuity, with the focus on some other selection of books. I guess I just assumed it was fairly common. Perhaps it's not. But for this Trek fan, that's how it is.

[QUOTE=Christopher;3158601]Conversely, if you're able to keep enjoying it as a work of fiction despite its irreconcilable contradictions with the world you actually live in, then why can't you enjoy a work of Trek fiction that's inconsistent with another work of Trek fiction?

Because asking Star Trek to fall in line with reality is just as absurd as asking it to fall in line with completely different fictional things like 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' or 'Battlestar Galactica'; those are different things just as fantasy and reality are two completely different things. But Star Trek is Star Trek, and for me to get enjoyment from Star Trek (or any other fictional universe) I need continuity from one adventure to the next - which is why I think Voyager mostly sucks, and that Deep Space Nine mostly rocks. I completely understand that there are others who don't require continuity or character development or anything of the kind to enjoy a fictional universe the way that I do but I'm pretty much fine with that.

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Why can't you just treat it as an imaginary tale to be enjoyed rather than a work of "history" that has to get the "facts" right?
Why can't you just accept that the ways I enjoy Star Trek stories are apparently different than yours?

But to answer your question...I simply don't know. Maybe because I've invested years of my life into watching that imaginary history unfold? And seeing that story grow and expand has given me years of pleasure as a Star Trek fan. To abandon that investment for something that says it's Star Trek, but doesn't carry any of the weight of that fictional history seems like a waste to me.

Erg. I'm tired and emotional (cranky). I shouldn't come here when I'm sleep deprived, but it's the only time I get to log on lately. lol. I need to get some sleep.
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