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Re: Star Trek: Online

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Plus: WH40K joke.
Don't worry, I caught that one

It is annoying that a lot of the ship for Starfleet seem to be 25th Century-ified version of older classes, nearly kitbashed upgraded, rather than any new shapes. Any bets on a Online-ified Excelsior or Ambassador class? I will however admit there is something ship-sexy about the Excalibur class.

If that's how the ship design for the Starfleet ships is going, I dread how the other player races will end up looking like. I doubt Cryptic can start raiding other games and the like, can they? I reckon that the SuQ'Daj class or however you called it from ST:Armada would make a nice 'heavy' ship (that's the cruiser armed with torpedoes that had armed boarding party assault pods as a special weapon, for those who have hazy memories). The Griffon for the Romulans would also make a solid choice, though I don't know if that actually turned up in canon or not.
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