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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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I've noticed a couple of posters who'll come running to 'save the day' whenever someone questions a production or creative decision made by Pocket.
To the extent where I get PMs asking what Pocket Books pay me in commission.

ST fans often have an extraordinary expectation of their entitlement to the lowest of low prices always, maximum page count always, no double dipping ever, regular/uninterrupted supply of quality product, but only to the likes of each indivividual.

Pocket creates ST tie-ins for several demographics at a time. They don't assume that every fan is a completist. I never really saw the need for Pocket's first original hardcover, but I've come to love my hardcovers, and thrilled to own all 50+ titles. I will keep buying trades if that's the only way we'll get those prestige titles in the current economical climate. Generally their page counts are higher, and I know the authors are rewarded with a higher royalty.

I feel disappointed for those ST fans who can't afford off-the-shelf ST books as they are released. I couldn't imagine how frustrated I'd be if I couldn't afford new ST novels, comics and DVDs as they are released every month, but I guess I've made certain lifestyle choices (such as no owning a car, buying a house with a spare bedroom) to ensure I can always support and store my habit.

I do get miffed when certain fans call for the abolishment of a certain line of ST products, that I happen to like, simply because they can't afford them, or think that a certain format has fallen from favour. I trust that Pocket know what they're doing. They've held a ST license since 1979, seem to know the markets well, have experimented and tweaked to take account of feedback, and generally continue to churn out successful, reasonably priced products.

It that makes me an apologist for ST tie-ins, well... I'm sorry.
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