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The Klingon Raptor was from "Enterprise."

That's right, a 22nd century ship has an identical in all plus name 24th century reincarnation. Of course, the Klingons are notorious for this.
True enough. Exactly how long have they been using that Bird of Prey design? Aren't 24th century Bird of Prey's much larger than their TOS equivalents? That's a shame, though, as I thought that was a newly designed ship. Either way, the point still stands. Federation players are going to have a certain number of ships available to them to play as. That number will likely exceed a good dozen (Let's see, the game will definitely include the Sovereign, Galaxy, Excalibur, Oslo, NX-91001, and at least two others that I've seen in trailers). So there's no way that the Vorcha, Negh'var, Bird of Prey, Raptor, and D7 Cruiser are gonna cut it on the Klingon side. They're going to have to make a lot more Klingon starship models for the Klingon players. And if those designs are worth a damn, then we may see them popping up in more official venues, like Star Trek novels. The same'll be true when Romulans and whoever else becomes a complete faction. Well, we'll see, but I'm looking forward to that aspect, at least.

In the vanilla blandness of the future, there is only technological stagnancy.
Stagnancy? Nah. Just lots and lots of nostalgia for "the good old days". Starfleet seems to be suffering from that, too, as the Excalibur is essentially an upgraded Constitution class.
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