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Re: “Defying Gravity" 13-episode ABC sci-fi astronaut space series

Ron Livingston was born to play a space jock. For that reason alone, I'll give this show a fair shake.
He describes the show as "having a sci-fi premise but being told in a female-friendly way."
I am hoping this means the producers understand that, in addition to taking his shirt off a lot, Ron needs some hot guy in the cast to fight with a lot, for the sake of the slash quotient. And this guy doesn't absolutely have to be Ron's brother, but it sure wouldn't hurt.

I am hoping this does NOT mean soapy love-triangle BS and a lot of yammering about feewings. It all hinges on the producers realizing that female sci fi fans are NOT NOT NOOOOOOTTT the same as female Gray's Anatomy fans (who will not be watching this show in any case). What are the odds, dya think?

Yeah, I know. Soap in Space, here we come.
Since it was pitched as 'Grey's Anatomy' in space I'm going to guess it is ABC's verision of of "Virtuality" the pilot that aired on Sci-Fi...
Yargh, I hope it's not a) as boring and b) with characters who are quite that annoying.

I'm just hoping the science is as accurate as it was in Voyage to the Planets. Given how much we know about the Solar System, there's no excuse for failing to do the research and just making up random fantasy nonsense.
They could just use the regular excuse: that 99% of the viewers don't know any different, so what justifies even the miniscule additional cost of getting the science right?
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