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Rob Grant
Baltar's Death. [Spoilers]

Alright.. certain things got me thinking.. what will the reaction be in his community when he dies..

Lets assume.. him and Caprica.. make their little farm and stuff.. and its quite near to a large amount of people settled there also..
like a town or village.. (lets call it New Aerilon, as its a farming community)

and he is quite a well known both because of his past exploits, Scientist/President/Crimes Against Humanity.. but also quite a public figure currently, around the town..

I assume he would be quite a useful member to his little society with his past knowledge and experience..

I can imagine alot of people hating him and calling him a murderer.. and such.. tho alot of people saying he was let off and such.. esp his little cult members

So what would happen when he dies.. lets assume.. he was 32-37ish during the 1st and 2nd Exodus..

and he dies quite young.. say like 56.. of a fairly normal ailment.. perhaps cos of the different conditions of the planet they settled on.. and less access to Colonial civilization..

Can you see the town being generally sad.. and the local media and later wider media.(cos i like to think there is some comms between settlements) say 'a great man is lost'.. despite the nah-sayers who would say his a murderer and such..

Would they focus on all his great achievements..

-the times he saved the fleet..
-how he worked round the clock to make a Cylon Detector..
-how he fought bravely on Kobol.
-how he strived to make the COA give better conditions to the citizens of New Caprica..

Basically.. would the fact he is now dead..change peoples opinions of him?
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