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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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I know I love paying almost twice as much for what is essentially the same content. Decisions like these are why I went from buying practically everything Pocket publishes with 'Star Trek' on the cover to buying only certain books.
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This all makes sense. But what changes when you're dealing with a very niche product like Star Trek? How many readers can Pocket afford to bleed by making this move before things become unprofitable?
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"Gosh, there are only twelve publishing slots! If I want to publish this thirteenth book I'll have to charge the public twice as much.", I call bullshit on this logic.
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Hopefully Pocket knows what they are doing with the print line.
And, BillJ, since you seem to be confused about how we could've possibly objected to your humble post about buying Time Ships instead, I point you to these posts which strongly indicate you believe that Pocket is making a Bad Call by pissing you off, that they may be generally incompetent, and that they have made many similarly insulting decisions recently (such as?), not to mention responding to my previously completely considerate tone with overstated and obviously ridiculous sarcasm.

All before I was "riled all up".
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