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Re: “Defying Gravity" 13-episode ABC sci-fi astronaut space series

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The 'Grey's Anatomy' in space description is pretty accurate as it deals more with Relationships than Science. It's definitely more "mainstream" oriented than the Virtuality or Caprica pilots were. So those looking for a "Real SF series" might be a little disappointed, although it does have a "life as an Astronaut" angle and "individuals acting mysterious because of an extraterrestrial (maybe?) intelligence" subplot. It'll be interesting to see how it develops.
I don't mind if the focus is more on the relationships than the science; I just want the background science to be handled realistically. I mean, if I'm watching a romantic comedy set in Paris, I don't need it to spend a lot of time talking about the architecture, geography, and culture of Paris, but the depiction of those things in the background should be convincing and accurate enough not to distract from the character story, as opposed to, say, depicting the Eiffel Tower as 5 miles high and colored neon orange, or having the Parisians in the background speak Swahili. By the same token, I don't need them to dwell on the science, I just want it to be believable and not contain the kind of huge, inane errors that usually characterize film and TV depictions of outer space.
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