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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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But I would advise that you stop acting like Pocket Books ought to make its business decisions to accommodate you.
What other point-of-view am I concerned with. The entire debate is working from my point of view...

I know I love paying almost twice as much for what is essentially the same content. Decisions like these are why I went from buying practically everything Pocket publishes with 'Star Trek' on the cover to buying only certain books.
To me the decision turned away this customer.

"Gosh, there are only twelve publishing slots! If I want to publish this thirteenth book I'll have to charge the public twice as much.", I call bullshit on this logic.
Someone tried to say that we were somehow better off because we were getting extra books. Which I say is faulty logic.

This all makes sense. But what changes when you're dealing with a very niche product like Star Trek? How many readers can Pocket afford to bleed by making this move before things become unprofitable?

My wife asked me if I wanted New Frontier: Treason last night while we were at the bookstore. My simple answer was, "not at that price" and picked up "The Time Ships" by Stephen Baxter.
This seemed to be the post that riled Thrawn all up. I questioned someone who has worked in retail about how the decision would affect Pocket's sales.

At least that way I could gauge whether the content was worth the price. Buy one book and if I didn't like it I wasn't on the hook for the price of the other one or two.
This was a post about which strategy was better (multiple MMPB's vs. TPB's).

You're talking apples and oranges and you know it. A fifty cent across the board increase is expected from time to time. Charging $8.99 for one ninety thousand word novel and then charging $16.00 for another ninety thousand word novel is ridiculous.
This was about a proposed fifty cent hike in all MMPB's.

Sorry. In each instance I worked from the point of view of how it affects my buying patterns. Which is the only buying patterns I care about. I can't imagine trying to speak for any one else.

So Pocket is telling me their $8.99 stuff is shit work they think won't sell?
Obviously just being funny here...

"Lighten up, Francis."
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