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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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Wow. I never knew speaking your mind on a message board equated to whining.
I'm not sure what else to call it when you spend that much time complaining about the price of a book you in no way need, especially when there are used book markets online that will re-sell the book at a reduced price, and when there are libraries who will lend the book to you for free.

And I'm especially not sure what else to call it when someone takes one statement -- "People are willing to pay more for TPBs" -- and uses it to put words in someone's mouth ("So Pocket is telling me their $8.99 stuff is shit work they think won't sell?")

For the TPB's, the value versus costs just doesn't match up anymore for me. For me a 110,000 (roughly) word novel just isn't worth $16.00. If it was a six-hundred page, two hundred thousand word epic my feelings would probably be different.
And that's why you're not part of the demand curve that Pocket is serving with those novels.

Similarly, I have no interest in the recent novel Troublesome Minds. I'm not saying it looks bad, and DaveGalanter seems like a standup guy, but it's just in no way interesting to me. I am not part of that particular novel's demand curve. I don't spend my time whining about the fact that they didn't write a novel that I wasn't interested in, because I recognize that different products are aimed at different parts of the Trek audience, and I'm not going to be the target audience for all of them.

You're not part of the target audience for TPBs by virtue of the fact that you don't think they're worth the price. That's fine. But I would advise that you stop acting like Pocket Books ought to make its business decisions to accommodate you.
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