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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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This is a discussion board? Am I right on that?
I never said you couldn't say whatever you wanted, but don't be surprised if whining irritates other posters and they let you know it.

Speaking of economics, look up "diminishing returns" and then maybe you'll understand what my beef actually is.
I understand full well what your beef is, and there's no reason to think that TPBs -- which are more profitable than MMPBs according to people who actually work in the industry -- somehow represent a diminishing return just because there are some people who are not willing to buy a TPB.
Wow. I never knew speaking your mind on a message board equated to whining. Or is it only whining when it doesn't match up to the company line? I've noticed a couple of posters who'll come running to 'save the day' whenever someone questions a production or creative decision made by Pocket.

And "diminishing returns" works both ways. For the TPB's, the value versus costs just doesn't match up anymore for me. For me a 110,000 (roughly) word novel just isn't worth $16.00. If it was a six-hundred page, two hundred thousand word epic my feelings would probably be different.
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