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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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I never knew there was a sketch of the character. Never thought to ask.
Well, the sketch Marco drew exists only on my 3x5-inch pocket notepad (as far as I know; maybe he had another in his notes somewhere). He drew it for me at Shore Leave last year after I showed him my concept sketch for Cethente (a few pages earlier in the same notepad) and asked "Is this right?" And he basically just sketched the body shape and a couple of jagged lines to represent the shape and placement of the legs.

And for what it's worth, Marco was annoyed by the "lamp" analogy. When Zurin Dakal thought that Cethente resembled a lamp in a relative's home, the reference was to a lamp that was a rather exotic objet d'art, not something that looked much like an ordinary lamp. Or so he told me when the lamp issue came up.
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