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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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You continue to ignore the question of what makes a TPB worth the excessive price. Whether a movie is ninety minutes or two and a half hours I'm paying the same $9.75 to get in. MMPB are between 70,000 and 125,000 words and are softcover for X price. TPB are slightly larger in size, between 70,000 and 125,000 words and are softcover for nearly twice the price.
Still softcover, but with better quality paper (acid-free, so no yellowing), better binding, and (in my experience) a better chance at showing up at the bookstore undamaged (unlike all eighteen local copies of Losing the Peace I've seen).
Good points. Though I've noticed the covers seem to bend a bit more easily with the trades (in my experience).
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