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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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I wish I had the ability to do my own version! Unfortunately I do not possess the skills that CTM does or the necessary hardware. I think his version is terrific, but I just find that to shrink the torp bay by that much and to ignore an on-screen feature such as that corridor deviates a bit much from canon. Can't wait to see the finished ship though.

Which Canon are you adhering to? What was seen inside, or what was seen outside? What was seen inside won't fit in many cases (not just the ones we are discussing just this moment) in what was seen outside (another good example is the Rec Dec which will not fit in the saucer the way it is shown on screen). Want to label the actual ship seen on screen as canon-violation? When canon conflicts, you chose one, the other, or some compromise that allows both - even if neither fits exactly as seen.
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