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Re: Firefly worth it?

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If you "rolled thru" a stop sign late at night when no other cars or people were around, would you be doing something wrong?

What if you had a headache, is that an excuse?
Take a fucking Advil.

From a cop's POV, should he stop you if he saw you do it?

Or let it slide? Is there a time to do something "wrong"?
No and no.

What if you just blew the sign because your wife was in the hospital?
If it's an emergency, she'll be in an ambulance anyway; if not, then there'll be time.

Dude, life is ONE BIG GIANT grey area that we divide in to more comfortable almost-whites & almost-blacks as we each individually see fit.
We? Maybe you do, but being absolutist has worked well for me so far.
"Pitching is simple -- cheese for the kitchen and a yakker for the kudo." - Dennis Eckersley
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