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Re: Firefly worth it?

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whether Mal & Co were just desperados vs. actual heroes. And that's why I love Firefly/Serenity! Who's right?
Obviously we are meant to conclude that Mal and company were, because they are the main characters in the series. Depiction is advocacy.
On one of the commentaries, Joss said something that's stuck with me---"Everyone thinks they're righteous." Even the Operative, a man who knew his actions were evil, felt that he served a greater good.

Given that, it doesn't much matter who you follow in a story---if they're well-written, seeing things from their point of view will make them appear to be the good guy. So it's just a matter of whose story is the most entertaining, really, not "who's right."

Talking strictly about sane characters, of course. There are psychos and sadists and whatnot whom you could never sympathize with.

how can I possibly enjoy the show?
With your mindset I'm not really sure how you enjoy anything.
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