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Re: “Defying Gravity" 13-episode ABC sci-fi astronaut space series

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Since it was pitched as 'Grey's Anatomy' in space I'm going to guess it is ABC's verision of of "Virtuality" the pilot that aired on Sci-Fi...
It's actually more like a fully dramatized version of Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, a BBC miniseries that presented a fictional near-future "Grand Tour" of the Solar System in a faux-documentary format.

And all 13 episodes have already been shot. Their approach was to make the complete season first, then market it to networks as a finished product. Which should make it appealing to networks because that means they don't have to help pay its production costs.

I'm just hoping the science is as accurate as it was in Voyage to the Planets. Given how much we know about the Solar System, there's no excuse for failing to do the research and just making up random fantasy nonsense.
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