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Re: Firefly worth it?

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The Federation is a different type of government.
Ah-ha! So much for "The Alliance isn't evil", eh?
It's certainly a lot more controlling than the Federation. The fact of fighting a war of expansion should prove that. Calling it "evil" is still too narratively over-the-top to be correct, however. The show didn't operate in such terms.

As Pike described it in the new movie, the Federation seems to have started out more like the UN than an actual government.

Firefly says, "What if the Alliance doesn't work."
And refuses to consider that it ever could. At least there are instances in Trek where the Federation makes mistakes.
It's hardly so one-sided. There are plenty of characters who support the Alliance. Inara is one. However, asking "why does the show ask this what-if instead of that one" hardly seems productive. If it were a different what-if, it would be a different story.

There could be times when it does good things.
Of course. And I'm sure we would have seen some of them if the series had continued. What made Firefly compelling was that things weren't black-and-white----there were plenty of shades of grey to go around.
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