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Re: Firefly worth it?

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the Alliance - obviously meant to be the big bad guys, the "evil empire"
Yeah, you really did miss the point.
I'm sure I did, but please explain?
The Alliance isn't evil. Well, maybe a few of the top brass, but not the majority of it. It's simply over-extended. There's no way it can be a just and fair system when policy decisions are made by those sectors away from the actual problems.

And on top of that, the fact that it became so large via forceful expansion (eg, war) means that it's now a matter of image---they can't admit they screwed up and release worlds to local control again. So they just keep right on interfering with things running well and ignoring things running badly, and the whole system begins a slow slide towards chaos.

Mal and his bunch are the best possible response to this sort of situation---they get things where they need to go, rules and regs be damned. They may not operate within the law, but they have their own code, and that puts them above the pirates and slavers at least.
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