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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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You're talking apples and oranges and you know it. A fifty cent across the board increase is expected from time to time. Charging $8.99 for one ninety thousand word novel and then charging $16.00 for another ninety thousand word novel is ridiculous.
This is also silly.

Like, I'll pay $75 for a 2-hour concert if it's Dave Matthews Band, because I like them better. But I may only pay $20 for some other band I don't know as well, because I like them less.

You're not paying for the number of words, you're paying for their content.

You may as well complain that Troublesome Minds and Crucible:McCoy were the same price; the latter was something like 4x as long as the former. Do you refuse to purchase Troublesome Minds?
So Pocket is telling me their $8.99 stuff is shit work they think won't sell?
No, they're saying that they think the demand curve intersects with the supply curve at the point that creates an equilibrium price of $8.99 for MMPBs and $16.00 for TPBs.


Also, get the fuck over it.

The demand currently exists for TPBs, even if you don't enjoy them. If enough customers begin to agree with you, the demand curve for TPBs will become sufficiently low as to render it no longer profitable to make them, and Pocket will revert back to publishing novels as MMPBs. Welcome to capitalism, where the market does not always meet the will of the individual customer. If it bothers you that much, just borrow the TPBs from a library.
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