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Re: Firefly worth it?

It depends on what kind of shows interest you.

Firefly did absolutely nothing for me. It's definitely not my kind of show. I have very little tolerance for rebels and losers, and that's what FF is all about. It was always trumpeted as an anti-Trek show, and, well, I *like* Trek. I sympathize with the larger group, with the legitimate authority. Which in this show meant the Alliance - obviously meant to be the big bad guys, the "evil empire" , but I never saw them that way (and still don't).

If this had been a Trekverse show, it'd be about the Maquis, and you all know how I felt about *them*. It just reinforces my belief that a lot of revolutions exist to feed the ego...

Also, I don't like shows that are filled with smartasses (which is what Joss Whedon loves to write). In fact there were very few characters on the show I would not have immediately shot in the face if I'd met them IRL. I don't think I've ever seen a more disagreeable lot. I almost wish there'd been an episode where they all get their asses thrown in prison by the Alliance.

Now, I admit, I thought the general 'look and feel' of the series was very interesting. I was fascinated by the concept of a "western in space" taken literally. But I did not like these people, I could not root for them, and so that must mean I failed.
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