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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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Christopher, these are Geoff's and other peoples intereprtations, they may not track with what you want them to look like, but as they are fictional creations and many are species not seen before, there will be differnces between the way you think they look , and say Geoff and Backstep!
Sure, I'm just saying there are some significant differences in detail from how Cethente was actually described in the books themselves. For instance, its lower module was described as diamond-shaped, and the legs were said to emerge from the narrowest point of its trunk.

Okay, I've spent all morning putting together a drawing of Cethente based on Marco's rough sketch (Marco Palmieri was the Titan editor from the beginning through Over a Torrent Sea, if anyone doesn't know). Unfortunately, my scanner is broken, so I had to make do by taking a digital photo and doing what I could to enhance and de-blur it. So here's a low-quality image of my interpretation of Marco Palmieri's interpretation of Dr. Se'al Cethente Qas:

Try to imagine it with a pearlescent, silvery sheen. The sensory nodules are like clear, dark cabochon gems. I should probably have filled them in darker, but I only had so much time to spare for this. The leg joints are meant to be kind of a ball-and-socket arrangement, but it doesn't come through on this resolution (and barely would even at full resolution).
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