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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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Dr. Se'al Celenthe Qas
That's extremely different from the sketch Marco Palmieri did for me, and it doesn't really match the description in the books. Marco described Cethente's shape to me as resembling the Cardassian emblem, but the sketch he drew is more rounded than that, with kind of an apple-core quality to it.

I've been planning to do my own drawing of Cethente (not Celenthe) based on Marco's sketch. I really should get around to that.
Geoff, just thought I'd say how great these pictures are.

Backstep, that image of Torvig is pretty much how I imagined him, alhough I pictured him having a kind of goggle arrangment across his eyes.

Christopher, these are Geoff's and other peoples intereprtations, they may not track with what you want them to look like, but as they are fictional creations and many are species not seen before, there will be differnces between the way you think they look , and say Geoff and Backstep!
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