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Re: “Defying Gravity" 13-episode ABC sci-fi astronaut space series

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When was the last time we had a broadcast television series set in space with astronauts that was not Star Trek, Firefly, or Babylon5....
What a bizarre thing to say. Star Trek, I'll grant you will all the spin-offs, but Firefly was one series that was canceled a few episodes into its run. B5 is a tough one to compare too as it was only one show and any attempt at spinning it off was quickly killed.

Since it was pitched as 'Grey's Anatomy' in space
Oh, good. So, we'll have McSpacy, McAlieny, McSpaceCloudy, McPlanetary, McSunny, and so on.

Even if it is cancelled on ABC due to ratings we will still get the DVD release...
Depends when it is canceled. If it is canceled before the first 13 are filmed (which is possible with TV shows), a DVD release isn't certain, let alone a "completed" DVD release.
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