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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

^An emulator is a program that allows you to play games from other systems on your system (there are some emulators, for instance, that allow you to play NES games on your PC).

I was going to create a new thread for my questions, but then I saw this thread. My family recently bought a new computer, one which the salesman at Best Buy insisted had good gaming capability (something which I'm starting to doubt, because Call of Duty 4 runs quite choppy on it), so I figured it ws about time I pick up some Trek PC games. The last Trek PC game I purchased was Starfleet Command II; Orion Pirates, so I figured it was time to see what else is out there. My question is will Star Trek: Elite Force II, and Star Trek Legacy work on my system. Running Vista, here are the specifications.

Windows VistaHome Premium Service Pack 1
AMD Phenom 9150e Quad Core Processor, 1.80 GHz
64 bit Operating System.

Something tells me that I have more than enough capability to run the games, but I want to be sure that that they work on Vista before I go out and buy them.
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