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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

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We've seen Tranformers in the films up-grade, Jetfire can't?
To be fair, we saw Transformers that have been maintained and active take on new forms. In Megatron's case, he was frozen for less than a century or so (I forget exactly how long he was frozen), while it was implied that Jetfire has been around far longer age-wise. My assumption was that he just didn't have the ability to upgrade by simply scanning a new form and morphing. He had parts falling off of him left and right before they got to Egypt, he was hardly in optimal condition.

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However, the best worse moment of the film was: Sam dies and goes to robot heaven. That's something only a 12 year old finds logical.
I don't disagree that this can be seen as a very silly concept. However, it does have precedence in Transformers history. In the original series, the Matrix of Leadership was shown to contain the essence and knowledge of all previous Autobot leaders. When a leader died, they would become part of this Matrix. The Autobot leader Rodimus Prime once brought himself to a near deactivated stage so he could enter the Matrix and consult the "spirits" within for their knowledge. The way I see it, Sam did something very similar in this movie. In that respect I thought it was pretty cool.
That's where the story also fails.
They also assuming the audience has knowledge to the Transformer history. What about us that have never watched the show?
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