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“Defying Gravity" 13-episode ABC sci-fi astronaut space series

… is set in the near future and revolves around eight astronauts from five countries who undertake a mysterious six-year mission through the solar system.

Set in the near future, four women and four men undertake a six-year international mission — which “has a powerful and awesome mystery at its core” — covering eight billion miles of space. The series will flash back from the present, in which the ship Antares travels toward Venus, to the past when the astronauts were in the selection and training process.

If "Gravity" goes well on ABC and FtvS' foreign broadcast partners, the two hope to do more seasons of the show.

"I have the first three seasons blocked out, and I know the ending of the series," Parriott said.

air on [ABC in U.S.A.]CTV and Space in Canada, the BBC in the U.K., and ProSieben in Germany.
June 30,2009

This series on broadcast television has the potential to be 2009-2010's version of TOS season 1. Please don't take that in the wrong way. When was the last time we had a broadcast television series set in space with astronauts that was not Star Trek, Firefly, or Babylon5....
Since it was pitched as 'Grey's Anatomy' in space I'm going to guess it is ABC's verision of of "Virtuality" the pilot that aired on Sci-Fi...
Even if it is cancelled on ABC due to ratings we will still get the DVD release...
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