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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

I saw Night Of The Demon a while back on TMC; I'm pretty sure it was the British version. Good movie.

I've been reading Monstrous. It's been amusing, but I'm dismayed by the low editorial standards. A couple of the stories are rather amateurishly written. There are tons of Internet-level errors, such as leaving the -ed off the end of words ("renown" instead of "renowned," for example) and "loose" instead of "lose." In one story, there was a major continuity error: Two kids go off into the woods because their dog has run away and suddenly the dog is just with them as if they had been together all the time; I know it's not fashionable to care about continuity these days, but I find that sort of thing jarring. It's unfortunate, because overall the book is a good idea and pretty entertaining; but laziness and low standards are, sadly, becoming more and more common.
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