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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Dennis... nice avatar! Like many others, I found Sarah Palin's resignation to be, well, bizarre. But now you've given me a new thought. Did she resign from being Governor in order to play a part in Starship Exeter? or Polaris?

Seriously, now, I have a few things to say about Exeter.

Maybe, I should NOT have done it. Knowing how long it seemed to be taking to be fully released, I wanted to wait until it was done. I've checked out the Teaser before, even skimmed a little bit here and there of Acts 1, 2 and 3. But now I've really done IT. I sat down and watched Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection, all of it that is available. And you know what? It is really AWESOME Original Era Star Trek. It's a truly tremendous achievement in fan productions of Star Trek!

The sets/backgrounds/atmosphere are perfect! This could've run right beside The Original Series. It is just that bang on! TSI is a visually stunning episode. The planet is totally convincing (maybe more so than the planets in TOS). The ship is beautiful. And the costumes and gadgets are all well done.

The First Officer, Cdr Jo Harris played by Holly Guess, is a strong, convincing character. The British accent helps, of course, but she really played the part well. The little details like having Harris wear the traditional mini-skirt uniform on the ship, but pants on away missions made sense and worked really well. Over all, the character development and strength of acting is outstanding in this episode. The Andorian b'Fuselek is much stronger in TSI than he was in the Savage Empire. And Jimm Johnson, himself, does a great job playing Garrovick, especially the tortured soul scene near the start of Act III.

And the aliens are fascinating in TSI. Just like TOS, the aliens are not quite convincing, but visually interesting enough to keep you engaged. Apparently these Tressaurians are related to the Gorn! They sure moved around like him! I liked that the special effects were good but limited to the quality of TOS. Sure I love the improved remastered or newly engineered effects too, don't get me wrong, but the TOS look and feel of TSI is just a special treat. I love this episode. It made me feel young again, like watching Star Trek for the first time all over again.

I know it's a long standing joke about how long they've taken to release these parts of The Tressaurian Intersection, and I know they give no updates on their website, but even still, I just want to say that it really is an excellent episode of Original Era Trek, and I for one eagerly anticipate the ending. I've seen evidence on different forums, posts by Dennis and also from Michael at neo f/x to know that after all this time, they really are working at finishing it and I look forward to what Jimm Johnson and his crew will eventually produce. Michael has said it will be a work of art and he knows what he's talking about, so I'm all the more eager to see it!

Hint: If you haven't yet watched The Tressaurian Intersection, if you were waiting for all of it to be released, please watch it, it's a treat! Plus, I don't want to be the only one who's so totally thrilled but also dying in anticipation! Check it out: Enjoy.
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