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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

Well, yeah. It's not a show that I recommend seeing out of order, but if you had to pick a first episode to knock someone's socks off who is fighting watching it and you need a quick pay-off to get their interest up, Homecoming is probably your best bet (and it's early enough to where it should all make sense).

I didn't find season 3 to be all that confusing... But then again, I love the infamous season 4 of Angel: the Series (LMAO) a.k.a. the season-long depressing episode. For the record, that show is the king of moral ambiguity where the heroes and villains aren't actually all that far apart (for goodness sake, Angelus' killing record makes Sylar look like a pansy--a show whose main character is pretty much Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde). I tend to like shows like that. Heroes is not the show you watch for Superman-like pearly white heroics. It's kind of brilliant how on the surface it seems like it should be, but then it's undercut by the fact that not all these characters should have these powers, some of the powers suck (or are even harmful for characters who want to be good guys) and not all of the good guys want to be anything special.

Okay, I just watched waaaaaay too many Sylaire videos. Heh. I dig that pairing a lot (the fact that I'm a sucker for explorations of immortality won me over and I look forward to a possible redemption arc--"You could save us all."--and Sylar promising to be a better Nathan than Nathan was and thus getting to be "special" in Nathan's life like he always wanted). Is it September yet?

As for Trek... Is it 2011 yet? Sigh.

I actually thought season 3 had some of the most interesting character developments (I am so looking forward to more Sylar/Claire and Sylar/Nathan in season 4+) and episodes yet (Sylar/Noah, Sylar/Angela and Sylar/Danko being other favorite combinations of mine).

And I have to give a shout-out to Heroes for making the most accidental, but blatant incest chemistry since Luke and Leia (yes, I'm talking about Paire--Peter/Claire). It's priceless how everybody was lead to believe that Peter and Claire had 'shippy vibes and then BAM! Yeah, that's not going to happen. Luke and Leia still win for their epic incestuous imagery that will NEVER be lived down (ESB, anyone?). Well, that basically left Sylar for Claire as the only eligible bachelor who means anything to her, is leading man-worthy and isn't related to her. LOL. Now there's a pair. Not to mention the fact that Sylar now has a head full of daddy Nathan's memories. Sylar just might be sick enough to continue his infatuation. And hey, they both have a little immortality problem where they will be stuck together for eternity unable to kill each other.

As for my Spock/McCoy love... Off to finish off season 1 and head for season 2 tonight. The Horta liked Spock's ears. LMAO. That was adorable. The Alternative Factor was kind of a blegh episode, though.

I've already seen City On The Edge Of Forever (which, by the way--awesome--and it was even critical of the anti-war movement, which was appreciated--it almost makes up for "save the whales"). CotEoF make me a big fan of Spock incognito. The beanie was priceless. And of course, a touching ending, even if the woman was totally misguided. Nice little brain-f*ck episode.

Aww. More Spock/McCoy cuteness. McCoy was the first thing Spock saw when he regained his eyesight and McCoy was so wrapped up with Spock's eyesight that he forgot about his ears. Priceless moment. I love those two at odds with each other.

Who Mourns For Adonais? - Spock/Uhura interaction! Okay, that Olympian-sized God effect was probably a bad special effect choice. The message about gods and Greek civilization was good, though. Spock looks like Pan? LOL. I liked Carolyn's outfit and hair. One thing about the '60s is that the bouffant hair always fascinates me. Speaking of which, McCoy quoted the word "fascinating". Funny.

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