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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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There seem to be a lot of pictures of him where if there's a bright light shining in his eyes, his eyes kind of take on an amber glow. What you're seeing is a bright light shining in his eyes. It's not digitally altered because there are numerous photos of him with glowy amber eyes with light reflections.

Personally, I think that's a great shot of him. Very appealing.
No, i meant the whites of his eyes. i have known or dated far too many digital arts people not to be sensitive to this - someone definitely put that shot in photoshop and whitened his eyes just a bit too much.
sad, too, cause otherwise i agree with you, it was a good photograph before someone messed it up.

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One thing that I always notice with him is his open bite (his front teeth aren't aligned properly and have a space in front between his upper and lower teeth). It's kind of cute. I like it when actors have personality in their not-so-perfect teeth. His open bite also adds to his long-jawed appearance and the constant persing of his lips.
that is totally cute. who wants perfection? not me! (and certainly not anyone who's a big fan of this sylar fellow!) OTOH, in many ways he is perfect, and the fact that he seems human does not diminish how great he appears. it just makes it that much easier to imagine actually meeting him and having a conversation.
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