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Re: manned Mission to Mars discussion

Scientists have proposed a Manned Mars mission since the 1950s..
Chemical, Nuclear and Ion propulsion systems have been studied..and with all this research,

I think that the final problems such as radiation and the like can be solved..some of the studies in the article included putting water or fuel in tanks around the crew compartment to shield against much of the lead lined shelter rooms were also proposed for solar flares and other such hazards.. Perhaps a combination of methods will be used..similar to Earth in that the planet uses several methods to protect life from radiation.

The answers to these and the other questions would create a quantum leap in technology, such as that leap that followed the Apollo project in terms of energy useage, signals, insulation, power generation and delivery, light-weight structures, software,hardware and many more..this is an investment in America's future and one we shouldn't walk away from because it's "hard"...
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