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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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So you agree they are gouging the suckers?
You really love hyperbole.

I love New Frontier. I'm willing to spend $11 for a New Frontier book; hell, I was willing to spend $20 back when they came out in hardcover. Thus, I do. The content is worth the price, so I pay it. I am thus a satisfied customer.

Am I a sucker? Am I being gouged?
At least with a hardcover I can see a reason for a premium to be charged and the consumer can still purcahse the material at a later date for a cheaper price if they choose not to purchase the hardcover. I see none of this with the trade paperbacks.
Ok, let's summarize.

1) Many people made the argument that trades would lose Pocket money. At best, that's an argument that cannot be answered with facts, since we won't get them, and at worst it seems silly since bookstores are well known to prefer trades and the greater profit they bring.

2) Many people said they couldn't see why Pocket would charge more for 'the same amount of content'. I explained why Pocket would do that, and you seem to understand it. So we're done with that; we understand why Pocket would do this, we understand that it won't lead them to ruin.

3) That leaves us with you, the consumer. You first made an argument that charging more for the same word count was bad; I explained why that was inane, something you haven't challenged. So let's assume you acknowledge you were being silly about that.


4) It's still your right to buy whatever you want to buy. If you don't think New Frontier is worth $11, then don't buy it. No one gives a shit. But at this point, all that is is personal preference, which can't be argued in any case.

So you don't have to buy it, I'll be happy to, and Pocket will either make enough money to justify future trades or they won't. I mean, Pocket only reprinted hardcovers as MMPBs because it was profitable, not out of an altruistic desire to make customers happy. If this doesn't make them money, they won't keep doing it. And if you don't buy it, you'll do your part to make that happen. And then your job as a consumer is done, their best interests as a publisher will have been executed to the best of their ability, and life moves on.

But don't get mad at people that disagree or infer that just because you're irritated Pocket is being stupid or dooming itself. They know that way better than you.
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