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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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Holy crap.

Is it really that hard to understand charging more for something they expect people to be willing to spend more to buy?
So you agree they are gouging the suckers?
You really love hyperbole.

I love New Frontier. I'm willing to spend $11 for a New Frontier book; hell, I was willing to spend $20 back when they came out in hardcover. Thus, I do. The content is worth the price, so I pay it. I am thus a satisfied customer.

Am I a sucker? Am I being gouged?
At least with a hardcover I can see a reason for a premium to be charged and the consumer can still purcahse the material at a later date for a cheaper price if they choose not to purchase the hardcover. I see none of this with the trade paperbacks.
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