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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

There are certainly issues with the TMP-era ship design. If you read the entire thread, you'll find that CTM is well aware of those.

That said... the idea of it "being too small" isn't the right answer. The size was established before the internal sets were designed, or laid out, much less built.

There are numerous "issues" with sets and props and SFX and you name it. But it's possible to keep the "spirit" of those, and even the look of those, without losing their functionality entirely.

The torpedo rooms may seem small, compared to what you think you saw on-screen. But really, are they? Remember... all the set "really" is, is a corridor with a railing-floor covering a track, a couple of consoles, and room to stand along either side of the track.

Is there any reason that the set seen in TWOK couldn't be "scaled down" slightly? It's a common practice, both in Trek and in filmmaking in general, to make sets larger or smaller than the REAL WORLD things they're supposed to represent (movie "Oval Office" sets are typically larger than the real thing, for example... and let's not even talk about movie "airliner interior" sets!)

So, which scene from TWOK would be impossible if the rooms are slightly smaller than "as filmed?"

They're not THAT much smaller. Not really. This ship is bigger than you're probably thinking.

CTM... if you could add a "human-sized" element to that scene, even if only momentarily, that might help people to envision what you're trying to do here.
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