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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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No one was claiming that the specs were in the Collective's database. The claim that Christopher and I made was that if one cube, denuded of drones, could adapt to its situation by inventing the absorptive technology, all cubes have the potential to adapt in that manner.
Indeed. It's rather naive to argue that they needed the "specs for grey goo," because given what's been established about Borg nanotechnology, the potential for a "grey goo scenario" is intrinsic in their nature. If anything, it's implausible that they haven't been depicted that way all along (although of course their use of nanotech was a retcon introduced in FC). All the Borg technology really had to do in order to achieve its "absorption" ability was to stop holding back. If Borg nanites could transform humans into drones all by themselves, or create a whole Borg drone from the Doctor's holo-emitter and a crewman's blood (as seen in "One"), then they already have the potential to convert any matter into Borg tech, and it's a wonder it took them as long as it did to start.

Christopher then went on to point out that even if that particular adaptation is not utilized, the controlling artificial intelligence of the cubes remain, and the cubes remain capable of operating and of exterminating the Federation as they had previously been doing whilst crewed, which I hadn't considered. The thalaron weapon would quite literally be useless -- it wouldn't even delay the extermination of the Federation.
Well, that's an overstatement. We know that the default mode of the Borg is for the technology to lie dormant without the organic half, and that it took unusual circumstances for the remaining tech to adopt a new strategy. My point is that the thalaron weapon couldn't be assumed to be a magic bullet, that depending on weapons at all is a failure to understand the big picture. All this quibbling over the technical questions is missing the point that Destiny wasn't about weapons and technology. It was about ideas, and one of the core ideas of the whole post-NEM Borg sequence is that the Borg couldn't be defeated by weapons, that a paradigm shift was needed if the cycle of attacks was to be broken once and for all.
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