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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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If Trek goes Trade, I hope nobody buys them. I hope they tank.
Oh, that's a nice sentiment to express on a forum frequented by people whose livelihood depends on people buying Trek books! So you want us all to go broke just because you don't like a particular format? How compassionate of you.

And if, as Defcon says, you mostly read eBooks, why should you care whether the hardcopy books are in MMPB or trade?
I'm not saying to stop Star Trek books. but if they go trade where it's not needed, then I do think sales will drop as people who dislike trade will not purchase or not purchase as much. Also given the way eBook prices are at present, trade will increase eBook prices as well. So overall, going trade where trade is not needed is a lose-lose situation overall. I do understand trade when the word count is high enough. But otherwise, forget it.
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