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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Relax! Don't do it! When you want to... and I can't remember the rest of the words.

*The whole thread lets out a sigh of relief.*

Relativity (**)

After two episodes of nice, quiet character pieces we get an episode where Voyager actually explodes. Couldn't they at least try easing me back into it?

I'd recommend that everybody watch the first 20 minutes of this episode, up until Voyager gets blowed up real good, then turn your TV off and do something else. The scenes where Janeway first boards Voyager are good, as are some of the scenes as time begins to go all weird on Voyager. After that you get some mad-cap lunacy where people keep travelling through time while shooting at each other. I get that this is supposed to be light-hearted fun and I'm encouraged to turn my brain off and enjoy, but I just didn't want to.

For example, Seven sees the bomb in the Jefferies tube while Voyager is in dry-dock, yet two years later she goes to the same spot and say that "there's no sign of the weapon". All this time travel stuff is explained away by Janeway saying that she doesn't want a headache, but the truth is that there is no explanation to anything that happens here and there never can be. This is a "fun" episode about people randomly travelling through time with guns and if you enjoy that sort of thing then good luck to you. Personally, I found the second half of this episode to be as much fun as watching a random number generator.

Something really horrible must have happened in my childhood to ruin my sense of fun.

Ducane wrote:
Oh Captain, Braxton was right about one thing; Voyager shows up on our sensors far too often. Try to avoid time travel.
Ah, but by the time Janeway decides to ignore these words she's no longer a captain, she's an admiral. She's a crafty one, that Janeway.
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