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If that's really what you think, Trent, then I can assure you that you do not understand Christians or their beliefs one bit. You are well describing fundamentalists, extremists, people who exploit their religion to justify cruelty. You are not well describing the majority of Christians -- and certainly not my family, who are mostly Christian.
I spent years under the thumb of Christianity, attempted indoctrinations into local communities of the faithful, received religious 'education' until I graduated high school (which they weren't legally supposed to do, not that they care), and I know more about the faith than the average adherent per those knowledge-testing polls they run from time to time. I've had the insider's perspective (no choice there), as well as sociological and anthropological study later on. The attitude you describe is one I find often amongst theologians, poverty activists (or similar causes), some clergy (particularly the younger ones) or just believers who have given it much thought--the intellectual part of the community--but it isn't the attitude of the average butt in the pew. They want, simply, relief from the fear of death, and deliverance from their 'sins'. (EDIT: Well, there's also in-group psychology and desire for community, but that doesn't relate to the theology, as it works for any belief system and even secular counterparts). If that's an 'extremist' position, then there sure are a lot of extremists out there.

(And, er... this is getting somewhat off-topic...)

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