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Re: Klingon Academy: Any Fans?

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Just for the record, since you guys love KA (as do I) but many of us can't play it, I do say Bridge Commander does a good job of healing the wound. Take a look at the BC Kobayashi Maru modded game. <snip>

<snip>This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a hundred ships to choose from. Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi, Cardassian, Breen, Borg, the whole works. It's easy to create any battle scene. Wolf 359 is a blast! You can visit Deep Space Nine and interact with the station (hail Kira and see what happens!), warp to over 50+ destinations, including Earth, take the Wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant, it's a whole universe to play in.
Even then, it doesn't compare to the feeling of actually being tested as a Klingon with Christopher Plummer going with you for the ride. Not to mention the overall experience.
Oh, definitely not. There's no comparison to the level of effort they went into with Klingon Academy. I mean, seriously, that whole game is pure awesome. In Quick Battle, though, there are many rewards to reap, and one of them is to be sitting in the Captain's chair (with the KM mod you can get up and walk around the bridge) and order your tactical officer to attack their impulse engines. Your tactical officer replies "aye sir!" as the ship rolls and the screen goes black as a torpedo slams into your ship, and sparks fly all around the bridge while your Chief Engineer calls out "Captain, our shields have been compromised. Another hit and we will be in danger of a warp core breach!" as the ship's interior is stained a blood red from the alert klaxons and the loss of power.



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