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Re: Do continuity errors/contradictions in TrekLit bother you?

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OK...what? So canon evolves with these characters over the years...? So we agree then? Canon is what it is, in whatever medium it happens in? Is this right? I'm kind of confused how this is different from what I said in the other half of my post; the part that you didn't include in your quote.
You argued that those characters lack a canonical continuity because the comic books have altered their continuities in the past.

I demonstrated that Star Trek has done the same thing, and that this does not mean that Star Trek lacks a canonical continuity. The implication being that characters like Batman still have a canonical continuity.

From there, I argue that films like The Dark Knight or Spider-Man 2 contradict the canonical continuity, and are therefore non-canonical.

From there, I suggest that not being able to enjoy a non-canonical Star Trek novel if the canon contradicts it in some way is like not being able to enjoy The Dark Knight because the Batman canon contradicts it.
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